2019 Branch ASM conference

The crew participated in the 2019 AZ-NV ASM Branch Conference this weekend. Members of the Varsani lab contributed two talks and five posters!

Anthony’s Undergrad Project

In collaboration with Daniel Blumstein (UCLA Blumstein Lab) we are discovering novel viruses within the yellow-bellied Marmot population in Colorado (Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory).

Benthamiana Infiltration

Rafa infiltrates benthamiana, widely considered to be a model organism for plant research, with the intent of demonstrating viral replication for a recently discovered geminivirus.

Bee Cell Culture

Michael Goblirsch turned his car into a sauna for 25 hours to bring 6 flasks filled withAmE-711 Apis mellifera cells to the Varsani Lab. These cells will be used to determine viral replication and pathogenicity of viruses previously associated with honey bees. During the week he spent in the lab we were given a crash … Read more